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Locating and Buying Probate Properties

Guest blog by Mike Johnson The process of locating and buying probate properties can be tricky. Education and preparation will give you the best opportunity to snag one of these prized investments. Property that has gone into probate means that

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How Long is The Closing Process?

How long is the closing process when buying or selling a home?  It’s a great question. So how long does it take to close escrow? What does the process entail? What is required of the buyer and the seller? All

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Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

When the inventory of homes for sale is low and buyer activity is high, the home seller has more leverage in the market. As a buyer, you may have fewer options in a seller’s market. It will be important to

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Choosing the Right House to Buy

Even in low inventory markets, homebuyers have many homes to choose from. There may be more than one home that meets your criteria, however, there are several things to look over and consider when choosing the right house to buy.

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Buying a Home. The Road to Homeownership.

Buying a home is a huge deal! It’s a big decision and requires hopeful homebuyers to navigate through a somewhat arduous process. Curiosity is often what starts the journey towards homeownership. Once you become curious about buying a home, what

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Real Estate Commissions: What you need to know.

When a homeowner decides to sell their home, the cost of hiring a qualified Realtor will certainly be a major concern. Homebuyers often have questions about how their Realtor will get paid as well. Whether you are a buyer or

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Preparing to Buy a Home

You’ve decided that it’s time for you to purchase your first home. Now what? Now it is time to start preparing to buy a home. Being a first-time homebuyer is one of the most exciting and uncertain times of your

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How To Make The Best Possible Offer On A New Home

posted by: Merit in buying, Real Estate

One of the biggest challenges in buying a new home is the offer process. If your offer is too low, it may get rejected, while making a high offer could result in too high of a purchase price and ultimately

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