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Wrought iron staircase railings

Staircase Railing Styles that will Elevate your Design

Modern Staircase railing designA staircase and its railings are the focal points and design features in a home. The style of railing should match the overall style and aesthetic of the home. Here are some classic staircase railing styles that will elevate your home’s design instantly!

Traditional Wrought-Iron Staircase Railing

Wrought-iron railing is timeless. Wrought-iron railing is used all over the world for indoor and outdoor design. The iron is most often used for the spindles of the staircase and paired with wood handrails and posts. There are also some unique designs that feature wrought-iron rails and posts.

Staircase design using wrought-iron can range from modern to traditional to Spanish. The traditional design is almost synonymous with wrought-iron. Regardless of the specific design and architecture, a wrought-iron staircase is certain to make a bold statement.

Modern Staircase Railing

Modern design is popular but it doesn’t always translate as ‘timeless’. Since modern design tends to change with year-to-year trends, it can become “dated” as time passes. That doesn’t mean that modern staircase railing shouldn’t be used as a focal point of your design.

Modern staircase railings may use a variety of different materials including stainless steel, wire, wood, and glass. Updating an existing staircase with modern design elements can drastically update the look of any home, but it can also bring extra attention to out-of-date designs that remain in the home.

Farmhouse Style Staircase Design

Farmhouse Railing Design

Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, farmhouse design has blown up in popularity over the past 5 or 6 years. It can translate to a modern aesthetic or a more traditional one. Modern farmhouse design has become extremely popular in new construction homes in suburban tracts as well as custom homes in urban areas.

Farmhouse railing in traditional design tends to involve only wooden elements. The more modern designs tend to be wood and metal or all metal.

Check out some of our favorite staircase designs.

Contemporary staircase design

Modern with a nod to the craftsman.


Farmhouse style railing

Updated farmhouse-style railing.


Modern staircase with glass and metal railing.


Wrought iron railing

Traditional wrought-iron rails.


Modern Railings with taught cable spindle section.


Traditional Staircase with wrought-iron spindles and wood rails and posts.


Modern staircase with modern steel railing components.


Modern Farmhouse Staircase


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  • Oh, wow! You totally opened my mind about wrought-iron railings which are highly versatile in terms of the design they can fit in. I’ll let my sister know about this aspect so she can finally install the right structure for her living room really soon. She just renovated the area recently and there are still some finishing touches she needs to figure out.

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