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Amir Amiri, Broker
dre#01041226 | (310) 379-4444

Merit Real Estate recently celebrated their 30th year of business with exciting plans for their largest development projects yet. Amir Amiri founded the business in 1989 and has since been continuously thriving through the volatile cycles of the industry, which is why many of the agents who started with Amir many years ago choose to stay with Merit Real Estate. Today, Amir has the largest inventory of new construction projects than any other agent in the South Bay.



Fred Sarhangian, Real Estate Agent
dre#01352578 | (310) 466-5480

Fred Sarhangian is a seasoned professional real estate consultant with over 30 years of progressive experience in global business development, capital acquisition, operations, project management, and contract negotiations. Prior to joining Merit Real Estate in 2002, he held several roles with Schlumberger Ltd. including global asset manager, and new product introduction. Prior to that he was a key member in the acquisition and development of TRW automotive airbag division in California.

Previous to that, he served in the purchasing organization at Harman/ JBL International. He attended Rio Hondo College, University of California, Los Angeles, and Cal. State Northridge. He enjoys all sports including running and has successfully completed five full marathons.

Rodman Amiri, Broker Associate
dre#01760226 | (310) 989-6704

Rodman Amiri became interested in real estate not through watching his father’s business grow, but as a student at USC when he majored in Public Policy, Planning, and Development, with a specialty in Real Estate Development. “It was this that sparked my interest and enticed me to ask more questions and learn more from my father about his business,” he explains.
Though he found his interest in real estate independently, Rodman is grateful to be able to work with family. “I am lucky to have a great mentor constantly around to help me learn the business and get past new challenges. With every transaction comes a new, unpredictable challenge, and the best way to deal with that is with the guidance of someone with experience. The challenging part is reminding myself that my father is a colleague with much more experience than me, and someone to be learned from. At times, I find myself thinking like a son, that his methods may be outdated, but I find that his experience usually proves me wrong in my doubts.”
Rodman’s specialty is Redondo Beach, Torrance, and the rest of the South Bay. He grew up in Redondo Beach and Merit Real Estate has always been based there, seen as a neighborhood expert. “Each area in the South Bay has its own unique identity, but what we all have in common is the lifestyle. We are the best-kept secret of LA…we have the LA scenery and weather, without the LA lifestyle. We move at our own pace, and embrace more of the laid-back, beach lifestyle, contrary to what most would think of the LA area.”

Rick Thomas, Broker Associate
dre#00761763 | (310) 291-1900

Rick joined the team at Merit Real Estate because the company’s culture and integrity of always putting the client first which reflected his own values. He has negotiated transactions in the real estate industry since 1980. Licensed as a Realtor in 1979, General Contractor in 1987, Real Estate Broker in 2015 and MLS loan agent in 2016. He brings all elements of the industry and provides his clients with a multifaceted approach to purchasing real estate investments. Whether it be residential, multifamily, apartment buildings or lots for developers his experience and knowledge always satisfies his clients. His geographical areas of expertise include the Beach Cities, South Bay and extends to greater Los Angeles & Orange County. He loves to engage with the public. Most weekends you will find him at an open house on a brand new home in the beach cities informing investors of all ages. He especially loves sharing his knowledge with younger investors as they are the future. He states there is nothing better than seeing young investors’ eyes light up when they’ve made their first purchase. Drop by his open house and say hi while previewing the latest in architecture and interior design. Call or text Rick to find out where he’s holding an open house this weekend. Rick has been a resident of Redondo Beach since 1969. He attended local beach city schools, married at Saint Lawrence Martyr Church in Redondo Beach and has raised two wonderful daughters in our coastal family community.

Yann Fard, Real Estate Agent
dre#01917095 | (310) 291-8122

Yann's devoted to serving his clients and fulfilling all their real estate needs with unequaled professional service.  With his years of experience in real estate and the mortgage industry, as well as a great understanding of the market, have equipped him with the best Real Estate Practices.  He is a team player who enjoys challenges and by using effective strategies and various types of market analysis he is able to deliver the best possible solutions to satisfy all his clients' real estate needs!  The geographical area that Yann provides Real Estate Services includes, but not limited to:  South Bay Beach Cities, Greater Los Angeles, and San Fernando Valley area.  As an active REALTOR® in the community, Yann is passionately involved with various events throughout the year and enjoys every opportunity to serve.  You can also find him hosting open house events almost every weekend all over the area he serves bringing his stellar real estate services to you.  For the hottest real estate news, events, and much more sign up for Yann's Newsletter by emailing "SUBSCRIBE" to


Oscar Salazar, Real Estate Agent
dre#01725729 | (310) 569-4894

Oscar Salazar gained a tremendous skill set from being a team member of the reservations, sales team, and customer service department at Delta Airlines.  Oscar is a former semi-pro soccer player and to date enjoys watching professional soccer. After retiring from Delta, he decided to pursue a career in real estate and he obtained his license in 2005.

Ali Asadi, Real Estate Agent
dre#02129404 | (310) 977-7533

• Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

• Real Estate Consultant and Agent (DRE#02129404)

• Registered Professional Engineer PE (LIC#89707)

• Business/ Economy Professor

With his knowledge, education, and experience in Real Estate, Structural Engineering, Economy, and Investment, Dr. Ali is a total solution for your real estate needs.
Ali is particularly knowledgeable and exceptionally skillful in analyzing your particular real estate needs and developing innovative techniques and proactive processes to help you achieve your goals.
As a buyer’s agent with structural engineering and business background, He analyzes your financial situation comprehensively, finds properties that satisfy your needs, or uses the best negotiation techniques to reach your desired prices.

As a listing agent, He uses the latest marketing approaches to inform his broad network of reliable buyers and investors to sell your properties with the highest return.
As an investment consultant, Dr. Ali reviews all potential real estate investments considering various aspects of the economy, construction, engineering, and return on investment and provides you the best advice.

Dr. Ali has also written ten books and eBooks in diverse subjects such as marketing, business success, and engineering. Ali’s books have been purchased by success seekers in many countries and can be ordered through top booksellers, such as, Barnes and Noble, and Apple store.

Frank Emami, Property Manager
| (310) 379-4444

At Merit Real Estate, we strive to provide our associates and their clients with high quality, professional real estate services. We are proud to offer Property Management led by Director, Frank Emami, and his exceptionally educated team of specialists. Our team of specialists cares for some of the most well-maintained rental properties in the South Bay area. Merit Real Estate is well-equipped to handle the property management of your homes, multi-family properties such as duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, and 5+ unit buildings.

Eddie Ramos, Real Estate Agent
dre#01473603 | (310) 428-2486

Maria “Joyce” Ricafort, Real Estate Agent
dre#01875434 | (310) 367-3633

Joyce Ricafort is a trusted real estate professional with a strong belief in nurturing work/business relationships.  She has over 20 years experience in the financial and real estate industry mostly in leadership roles.

She began her career as a Loan Processor at Redondo Mortgage Center in 1997.  She soon became the Operations Manager and her job responsibilities expanded to include financial reporting and management for various business entities while overseeing the loan operations.  In 2009, she stepped down from her position to pursue sales as a Realtor/Loan Agent.  In 2011, she joined Comerica Bank as a Commercial Underwriter and underwent rigorous credit training.  After a year she was quickly promoted to Commercial Banker specializing in complex credit facilities.  In 2014, she had a short stint as Director of Operations for a fund capital company.

Joyce holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from California State University Los Angeles.  She also dabbles in real estate developments.

Hasti Shokraneh, Real Estate Agent
dre#02012076 | (310) 793-3254

Hasti is a dedicated Real Estate Agent who is devoted to providing excellent customer service to meet and exceed her clients' needs. Hasti handles each transaction with absolute integrity and precision. Having a Master’s degree of Economics from City University of London and background of finance with the certification from UCLA university provided her with a deep understanding of market and the fundamentals required to help her clients.

Ruby Ancheta, Real Estate Agent
dre#01737303 | (310) 930-8882

Ruby Ancheta immigrated to the United States from the Philippines at the age of 12 and settled in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ruby graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1990. She moved to Gardena, California shortly after and has been a South Bay resident since then.

Ruby first became involved in the financial industry in 1998 when she became an Investment Professional with Transamerica and a Senior Marketing Director for World Financial Group, an independent company that offers a wide array of retirement, life, and health insurance solutions. In 2006, she joined the Merit team as a Real Estate agent and has been serving the South Bay Area for 13 years. Ruby comes from a customer-driven background where service quality and customer satisfaction are her end goals.

Ruby is happily married and has two beautiful daughters. When she is not tending to her clients’ needs, she is traveling and spending quality time with her family.

Kasra Ferasat, Real Estate Agent
dre#01803994 | (310) 379-4444

Barbara Carlton , Real Estate Agent
dre#00918318 | (310) 379-9514

Barbara joined the team at Merit Real Estate in 2001 and likes to say, “Amir saved me from retirement.”  Barbara has been a trusted REALTOR® for 34 years helping her clients sell, buy, or lease in the South Bay area.  With her seasoned experience, combined with vast knowledge of the real estate industry, Barbara confidently provides exceptional service to her client’s unique individual needs.

Mina Montazeri , Real Estate Agent
dre#01762498 | (310) 200-8385

Mina obtained her real estate license in 2006 and joined Merit Real Estate to serve her South Bay and greater Los Angeles clients. Prior to a career in real estate, Mina was the Director of Women’s Organization in Aliabad, Gorgan, Iran. After moving to the U.S. in 1977 and raising her 3 kids, she then worked as a Medical Assistant in her husband’s Family Practice clinic. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her 3 grandkids.

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