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Merit Real Estate is a full-service residential and commercial real estate sales and investment company that has been serving the South Bay since 1989. Merit is a neighborhood brokerage not affiliated with any national real estate franchise chain and therefore has no corporate culture to adhere to. Our only bosses are our clients! Merit is devoted to providing the highest standards of service and integrity in all facets of the real estate world, including, but definitely not limited to: home sales, homeownership, financing, investing, and property management.

Over three decades, Merit has established itself as one of the most reputable names in the real estate industry in the South Bay. Amir Amiri began working in the industry in 1986 and founded Merit Real Estate in 1989, and has since been continuously thriving through the volatile cycles of the industry.

Rodman Amiri joined the company in 2006, after years of watching his father successfully build lasting relationships with people, and constantly hearing of his level of respect and value in the community. Amir holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in civil engineering, plus a second master’s from USC. Rodman Amiri earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree at USC in Public Policy, Management, and Planning, now known as the prestigious Sol Price School of Planning. Rodman earned his specialty designation in Real Estate Development at USC. Rodman’s fresh and modern outlook perfectly complements Amir’s years of experience. Together they completed more than 112 real estate transactions in the Beach Cities in 2014.

Today, Amir has the largest inventory of new construction projects than any other broker in the South Bay. His reputation for excellent service and outstanding integrity remains the core of Merit Real Estate. Merit has been in Redondo Beach since its inception, and plans to stay and service the community that has supported and allowed it to grow as a small, family-owned business, while all the “mom and pops” operations were driven out by bigger corporations!

Merit Real Estate