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Things to Consider for First-Time Home Renters

Planning and Research is Key for First-Time Home Renters Renting a house or apartment for the first time is an exciting moment, but can also be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. It’s like anything else that you are doing for

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Closing Process

How Long is The Closing Process?

How long is the closing process when buying or selling a home?  It’s a great question. So how long does it take to close escrow? What does the process entail? What is required of the buyer and the seller? All

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Getting Approved to Lease a Home with No Credit

Tips for Getting Approved to Lease a Home with No Credit

posted by: Stopher Cavins in: Moving, Renting

Are you having a hard time Getting Approved to Lease a Home with No Credit? This is a common challenge for those with bad or little credit history. Fortunately, there are some tips and methods that can help you get

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saging your home

Saging your Home Before Moving in

posted by: Stopher Cavins in: Culture, Moving

Moving into a new home is an exciting event. It is a process that often requires a lot of planning. If you are moving into a new space, you are likely going to consider things such as cleaning before you

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Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist – Printable PDF

Moving from one home to another is no joke! Moving a long distance is really difficult. Taking advantage of available moving resources and having a great “no fluff moving checklist” will help you plan and organize this major undertaking. Find

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Top Moving Resources – Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home can be stressful, therefore you’ll want to prepare well and have a plan. Whether you hire professional movers or use a DIY approach, there is a lot to consider. We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of

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Essential Moving Supplies

Essential Moving Supplies for the Self-Mover

Even though there are quite a few reasons to go with a professional moving company, some people just want to move themselves. Whether it’s a financial reason or a point of pride, you’re going to need some serious supplies! Here

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